Thursday, June 9, 2016

Factory Speed Tuning Tips - Drill out the Holes in the Fishtail Silencer !
I don't know how many of our group are members of the Velocette Owners Club UK, but in the latest issue Number 436,
Eric Bushell has written a wonderful article titled 'Over fifty years with Velocettes' . In the article is a copy of a letter to him, by Veloce Ltd, detailing speed tuning modifications. 
Of note is to drill out the holes in the silencer to 1/4" and modify the baffle -
Nice Scrambler air filter! 
Photo from John Dolber's blog - New England Zen -
Another Velo Scrambler framed special - this one having had work done on by Bull Dog Cycles in Maine -USA
Several guys have contacted me for photos of Scramblers that have been fitted out for road use - and I just remembered about this article from Motorcycle Sport I copied years ago, and found it in my scrap book 'archives'.

Nice K model -
from here:
One of the guys contacted me - that the little lever on the side of his rigid Velo MSS gearbox was missing - and if I might have one available - 
Yes ! -(:o)
-New Old Stock - from the Jack Frodsham / Lou Branch USA Velocette importers inventory here in Lakebay Washington USA. ( Best Kept Secret - Velocette Parts Source )

Viper Scrambler -
I spend - ( perhaps too much time ) - researching - on the Internet - but do come across some new sites I have not seen before - 
Photos of Viper Scrambler from -…/Velocette%20Viper%20Scra…